Julie and Horace, Part II - eBook

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Julie and Horace, Part II - eBook

Julie and Horace, Part II

By: f. smith

About the Book

Julie and Horace, Part II: The Johnny Mop Splashback chronicles the continuing misadventures of Julie and Horace, while introducing new characters—most of whom are definitely characters—into the mix. The pages host a lot of laughs, drama, romance and craziness, with a little bit of poetry thrown in. Want some details? This sequel would rather let them be surprises—the same variety of traumatic surprises found in f. smith’s first novel, Julie and Horace: A Love Story of Sorts (I Guess) You Decide. Go ahead, dive in.


About the Author

f. smith continues to live a serious, uplifting, frightening, and romantic life in Indianapolis, Indiana.


(2018, eBook)