Just Before Sunset

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Just Before Sunset
by Hans Moss-Pommeranz Just Before Sunset, a funny, poignant, and compelling autobiography, shows the authors survival in the face of incredible diversity. Hans Moss-Pommeranzs inspirational journey through life is seemingly fraught with insurmountable obstacles. The author takes the reader from the difficulties and joys of childhood through the horrors of war and life-threatening illness. Forced to rebuild again and again, the authors success and happiness can be credited to his extraordinary determination. The highlights of Just Before Sunset include surviving the fall of Berlin at the end of World War II, life under Russian occupation, the Airbridge, and a new beginning in North America. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hans Moss-Pommeranz was born in 1919 to successful parents in East Germany. He received a humanistic education, grounded in Latin. During World War II, he flew as a wireless operator. Severely wounded, he returned penniless to his wife in Berlin, and he survived by his determination in the partly destroyed and divided city. In 1947, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. They immigrated to North America to seek the medical treatment that would save her life. Once again, he bravely rebuilt his life with wit and determination. Now, he and his wife Ruth have homes in Florida and Canada. (2006, paperback, 102) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.