Just Chill

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Just Chill

Just Chill

Finding God’s Peace in Every Day Circumstances

By: Ace McKay

About the Book /Author

Ace is one of the great radio guys I’ve had the honor to know in my career. No Matter what station I’ve seen him at God has used Him in major ways and I love seeing a fellow Bama boy serving the Lord in this way.” Mac Powell from Third Day

As Christians, we strive to enter each day of life and search for teachable moments. Many of the lessons learned come from the School of Hard Knocks. Just Chill is a lesson in when you do not learn from the educational moments life provides.


Ace McKay places his own experiences and lessons he’s learned on paper in this book. He creates a tangible extension of his daily radio show where he shares these parts of his life with listeners. He is convinced that if we continue to learn to be who we are in Christ, then we will find true love, deeper freedom, and vibrant joy.

It is McKay’s hope that through his willingness to be honest, open, and vulnerable within the pages of Just Chill, readers will gain a new filter to change the way they see life. And change their lives for the better.


(2019, Paperback, 116 pages)

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