Just For Me

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Just For Me
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Just For Me
by Katherine Anne

A young girl becomes embarrassed and sad as she realizes her beautiful, unique hair seems funny to the children in her class.

She confides in her mother and, together, they find a happy solution.

This book shows that its OK to have a unique feature because it is special and just for you.

About the Author:

Katherine Ann lived in a small Texas town and, also, by a big city, so she saw a little of both worlds. While she was a wife, mother, and employee she wrote a book. She then put it on the shelf for 20 years. Now retired and a grandmother, she finally pursued publishing her book. She wants to inspire children to read and have a positive self-image. Hopefully, this will be her first book with more encouraging and uplifting stories to come.

(2017, Paperback, 30 pages)