Just Plain Funny

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Just Plain Funny
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Just Plain Funny
by Charles Smith

Humor is something that has always been in Charles' life. It helped him cope as a child when he used to stutter. With humor he was able to get himself out of situations and not feel inferior to other kids. It became an important tool that he would use while teaching and coaching high school for thirty-three years. It kept him from ever having to send a student to the office.

Charles' favorite times are the holidays when the family gets together to laugh and have fun. Humor is always a big part of communication in his family. The connection and love is primarily there because of God, but it is enhanced because of the humor his family enjoys.

Charles has found that humor is important in one's everyday life. He has found that life is not easy and can cripple us in so many ways: physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. He has found that you should always make time to laugh and when people do this they feel good. He has also found that laughter is strong medicine for a person's well being. He practices what he preaches and tries to smile every day. He spends time with happy people and he has learned to laugh at himself. He says pay attention to children and learn from them, because they are the masters of play and laughter.

This book is Charles' attempt to enhance your life with some humor and by doing so he hopes it will make you smile, chuckle, or just laugh out loud. So he wants you to get a cup of coffee, find a comfortable place and just sit back and read some Just Plain Funny stuff. Hope you J.

(2012, paperback, 188 pages)