Kaitlynn and Mr. Christmas

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Kaitlynn and Mr. Christmas
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Kaitlynn and Mr. Christmas
by R. J. Campbell

About the Book and Author:

R. J. Campbell was born on February 29, 1968, a leap year. He has loved a good story ever since he could remember.

Campbells fondest memories are of storytellers and how they, no matter the age, could put one at ease in the scariest of situations. They could do this by candlelight, campfire, or at school on their first day.

Everyone needs a driving force in life. Campbells came at McGregor Elementary School in Canton, Ohio. His first two years of school were the best two years of school. This was because he had someone to look forward to seeing from time to time, a storyteller. He believes her name is Laura, though time has faded some details. He knows she left to become a store window display artist right about the time his family was moving to his Grandfathers farm. All he had left was found memories. He hopes this book will become one of yours.


(2013, paperback, 34 pages)