Kick Some Rocks

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Kick Some Rocks

Kick Some Rocks

By: Vincent J. Alexander


About the Book

Was the popular teacher, Mr. Morgan, murdered, or did he commit suicide? What are the clues?

Officers Anthony McCauley and Aaron Hopkins are on the case. These quirky men have developed a sense of camaraderie, friendship, and trust. Follow the rest of the intriguing characters such as Sierra, Catwoman, Maggot, Charles, Latoya, Lilly, and Jimmy as they attempt to discover the truth behind Mr. Morgan’s death.

Centering around rejection, death, and the impact of a young girl’s life without her father, Kick Some Rocks is a unique page turner that is sure to keep you guessing.


About the Author

As a teacher and avid reader, Vincent J. Alexander uses his experience as a classroom teacher in an urban school to tell a fictional story. He helps the reader understand that teachers are human beings, and no matter how well they teach their students, they can develop fierce enemies in the classroom and outside of it.


(2021, Paperback, 122 Pages)


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