King Robert the First: Robby and White Cedar

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9684-5
King Robert the First: Robby and White Cedar
by Bob Sorensen The story of Robbys early life begins in a hardscrabble mill town in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. This character-driven narrative explores how a unique man of good humor and abundant common sense acquires his values. Although born into a wealthy family, his scholarly pursuits predetermined the course of events that would shape his entire life. Beginning in his teenage years, young Robby was a force to be reckoned with in the small logging town of White Cedar. Bound and determined to make his mark in the world, he figures out at a young age what he wants. With the help of loyal friends, he keeps a finger on the pulse of the town and the mills his family has owned for generations. Yet as Robby is making his way in the world, leaving his brand on everything he touches, tragedy is looming ever closer. A series of dreadful twists of fate will take him to a dark and painful world as he learns what he is truly made of. He will also learn just how far his influence will reach before snapping back and hitting him where it hurts the most in his heart. By turns humorous and heart wrenching, suspenseful and familiar, King Robert the First, Robby and the White Cedar is a remarkable coming-of-age novel of the loves and losses of a determined young man. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bob Sorensen has lived in small towns along the West Coast from Oregon to Alaska and has met a collection of individuals he holds in high regard for the colorful humor, honesty, and no-nonsense wisdom. From personal experiences, he believes that young people should spend considerable time with older people, learning and observing. The King Robert the First series reflects the values he holds so dear. (2005, paperback, 268 pages) Availability: Usually ships within 23 business days.