Kitchen Survivor

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Kitchen Survivor
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Kitchen Survivor
by Crista Davison

Kitchen Survivor is a collection of unique and standard recipes designed to help those who are either on their own for the first time, or want to expand their abilities in the kitchen.

Learn to make easy meals like apricot chicken, roladen, or lasagne. Learn which cuts of meat are best for BBQ steaks and discover the difference between an oven and a pot roast. Create stew or chili and serve it with buns fresh from the oven. Make pies with a never fail piecrust that you can create from scratch. Bake cookies or coffee cakes all without mixes and using simple ingredients. Dozens of recipes are included that will make your mouth water, and stimulate your senses.

Kitchen Survivor is an excellent gift for high school, college or university graduates and will open the door for those who have no idea what their oven is for!

About the Author

Christa believes in the importance of solid, home cooked meals and has always advocated cooking from scratch, preferring to know what is in the food she eats and serves to her family. Too much food is pre-packed, pre-made, and preserved these days and cooking and baking to most people means opening a can or a box, adding one or two ingredients, and baking or serving. These basic skills are becoming lost arts, she says. She passed these principles on as she raised her daughter, Tanya, bringing her into the kitchen at a young age.

This book grew out of Christas desire to share her skills with not only her daughter, but with the world. Designed for the novice in the kitchen, these recipes are easy and most are quick to prepare, while useful for those on a budget. With something for everyone between the covers, Christa and her family hope you enjoy them as much as they do!

(2013, Paperback, 170 pages