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Kosovo Knot
by Petar V. Grujić

Kosovo has been a troublesome region of West Balkan for the last half millennium. The latest events, which have resulted in NATO occupation of the southern province of Serbia, marked the culmination of the violence that includes both domestic and international agencies. Many authors have dealt with the Kosovo affair, but none of them endeavored to present a complete picture of the case.

This book attempts to provide a broad and objective analysis of the problem from the historical, anthropological, political and sociological points of view. The emphasis is on the sociological side of the conflicts. Only by understanding the differences of the mental structures and civilizations of the populations involved can one hope to achieve a just and sustainable solution. It is shown that the Kosovo affair is a part of the perennial issue of montagnards versus plane people. This forms the background of the conflicts West Balkan has witnessed in the last decades.

The Kosovo case cannot be considered isolated from the global political situation and this book provides bold, even provocative, examinations of the principal players from outside. It provides also a detailed account of the political situation in Serbia for the last half century, with a detailed account of the struggle to overthrow Milosevics regime.

About the Author

The author is a theoretical scientist who has been engaged for the last several decades in reexamining the misconceptions deeply rooted in the historiography of the last century. He has written a book dedicated to World War II on Serbian soil with an emphasis on the communist occupation of Serbia and historiograhic frauds made by the communist regime.

(2014, Paperback, 450 pages)