Kyoto Samurai Story

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Kyoto Samurai Story

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Kyoto Samurai Story
by Kayoko Kuwahara

Samurais must be perseverant and live on frugal food. Clenching to carry on with fortitude is virtuous, and they grow up being taught this way. Samurais strain for the clan and family valiantly and audaciously.

Kiyomorrison Taira was once the most glorious man in the country with whom many aristocrats wanted to have a relationship, but he got lost in the dazzling triumph.

Although life is filled with relentless brutality, people do not forget it blooms with love and benevolence.

About the Author

Miss Marue Mulberry was born in 1943 in a province near Danno Ura. When she was a child, she heard about a type of crab named the Heike Crab living in Danno Ura. Heike is another name of Taira, and the face of a Heike Crab resembles a humans. Her grandmother told her the story of the downfall of the Taira family, which influenced Marue. The story of Taira and another samurai clan, Genji, had been passed down from generation to generation for nine hundred years.

(2011, paperback, 328 pages)