Lacie Lue and Maddie Sue

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Lacie Lue and Maddie Sue

Lacie Lue and Maddie Sue

By: Elizabeth Barnes

About the Book

Lacie Lue and Maddie Sue is based on two dogs from author Elizabeth Barnes’ childhood, one of which is a fancy store-bought dog and one who is a stray. These two must learn to coexist under the same roof. Lacie Lue is a spoiled dog who has the best of everything until her human family brings home a scruffy, smelly dog named Maddie Sue. Lacie Lue despises Maddie Sue at first, until Maddie Sue takes her on an adventure to her old stomping grounds. Lacie Lue’s eyes are opened to a whole new world. Even though they come from varied backgrounds and struggle to get along in the beginning, they eventually realize they are more alike than they are different.


About the Author

Earning her master’s degree in educational counseling and working as a school guidance counselor, Elizabeth Barnes has the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by young people every day. She loves reading, writing, traveling, and watching football, but most of all loves spending time with her two young sons and husband in Norman, Oklahoma. Growing up with dogs all her life, she dreamed about one day writing a story about them. As a counselor, Elizabeth teaches children about effective communication, cultural diversity and acceptance, and strategies for coping and overcoming obstacles. All of these elements are represented in Lacie Lue and Maddie Sue, and it teaches children that no matter our backgrounds, we are all human beings under the same sky.


(2018, Hardcover, 36 pages)

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