Ladies By The Well

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Ladies By The Well

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Ladies by the Well
by Sophia Greene

About the Book:

Ladies By The Well is an insight into the life of a black Jamaican girl who struggles with herself and the legacy of her parents, torn among three different teachings by her overly strict grandmother, her disciplinarian father, and her outgoing, free-spirited mother.

She searches for love in all the wrong places and, in the process, discovers the reality of the so-called American Dream. If you are an immigrant, a welfare recipient, and inmate in the prison system running from relationship to relationship, or you just feel tormented, this book may be able to give you an appreciation for Sophias struggles as she learns to adjust in America and tries to survive. She later realizes the American Dream is inside her.

Ladies By The Well is for all females who are thirsty for love, marriage, children, peace, and financial security.

About the Author:

Sophia Lorraine Greene currently works for the New York City Transit Authority and is also certified as a foster mother who works with children in the system who are waiting to be reconciled with their parents. She is a motivational speaker who occasionally speaks at gifted schools to students in need of guidance. She resides in Brooklyn and is a single mother of two wonderful children.

(2012, Paperback, 180 pages)