Lady in the Night

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Lady in the Night

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Lady in the Night
by Yolanda Rivera

Lady in the Night is the story of a young woman left in an orphanage at the age of one. She was never adopted and at eighteen she left the only life she had ever known. Living independently is hard and Nala is still haunted by not knowing her origins or any of her family.

One night her life is turned around after meeting the Lady in the Night, Rhyan. A strange woman from another world. Nala embarks on a journey to an unknown world in search of answers. She is welcomed to the immortal world by the strange woman. She is also about to learn about the ongoing war between the NightSouls and the Immortals and how it endangers her kind and their future as a nation.

About the Author

Yolanda Rivera was born in the small coastal town of Dorado, Puerto Rico. At the age of twenty five, she moved to Miami, Florida where she lived for 13 years. She spent most of her free time camping and performing outdoor activities. Yolanda relocated to New Mexico in 2005.

Lady in the Night was conceived in Miami and completed in New Mexico.

(2010, paperback, 118 pages)