Lauren and Her Nommy

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Lauren and Her Nommy

Lauren and Her Nommy         

By: Caroline Gunn

About the Book

In this heartfelt, beautifully illustrated book, Caroline Bivins Gunn shows that special love between a grandmother and granddaughter. This is a “read it to me again” book. Gunn has always had the desire to write and publish her family-inspired stories. Grandmothers are that special gift that every family needs. This is a book that every little girl can enjoy.

Sometimes, children can’t always pronounce words correctly, but what they do say is comical and sweet. This is what happened with Gunn’s her little granddaughter, Lauren. At the age of two, she tried to say grandmother, but out came “Nommy” and Gunn has been Nommy ever since. Every little girl can ca ll her grandmother “Nommy” because “Nommy” simply means grandmother – you are special to me!

This book captures the personality of an innocent little girl full of affection, happiness, and humor. This little book will help us recapture those special times with a grandmother


About the Author

Caroline Bivins Gunn is the second child of ten children, born in 1956 in a small town—Oak Hill, Florida. She married in 1978 to Tony Gunn and is now a mother of one daughter and has three grandchildren: Gaylin, Markus and Lauren. It is spending precious time with Lauren that inspired her to write Lauren and Her Nommy.


(2019, Hardcover, 32 pages)

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