Learning to Forgive Not Just Others But Yourself

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Learning to Forgive Not Just Others But Yourself

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Learning to Forgive Not Just Others But Yourself
by Judy Lawrimore Kelley Peters

Seven children left homeless. How adults used children to make them look good! But the children learn to survive on their own.

Im the third from the oldest of the seven. I remember things down to the sentences adults would say. These things wouldnt leave my head, but I learned to put them in the back of my mind. My four youngest siblings dont remember, and my oldest sister has a different view on things. Shes always right and sees things in her mind that she was always right. My oldest brother remembers, but he handled it differently. Hes in prison because of drugs and how he handled things.

I was blessed with my two girls, Billie Joe and Lisa, and my three grandchildren, Jaylynn, who is two, Kalynn who is nine, and Joseph, who is ten.

About the Author

Im 49 years old. I have survived a lot over the years, some of my own doing, some of life itself. But I have been very fortunate and blessed with my two daughters and three grandchildren. I am helping to raise three more babies: my husbands sisters children. I used to feel there was going to be no ending to sorrow since it started at a young age on July 10th, 1970. Over the journey I have been blessed with people who had a lot of meaning in my life and Ive learned a lot.

(2010, paperback, 94 pages)