Leather and Lace

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Leather and Lace
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Leather and Lace
by Leona Faye Horath

Leather and Lace took 43 years to write because Leona Faye Horath only writes her heart-warming poetry when inspired. This is a masterpiece it touches your heart and, from cover to cover, drips with creativity.

You will want to buy Leather and Lace for the special people in your life. It was inspired by God. This is a great collection of poems to enjoy and share.

About the Author:

Leona Faye Horath was born, raised, and still resides in the great town of Effingham, Illinois.

Leona is the daughter of Eva Norma Jean Van Meter (Kuhlman) and Darrell Eugene Van Meter. She came from a family of nine children: four girls and five boys. Leona is the third daughter and was born September 14, 1953.

Leona graduated from Lake Land Community College in Matoon, Illinois, in 1972 and then continued her education at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston. She loved learning and studied journalism, psychology and sociology. She attended eight years of college.

Leona loves helping people, going to church, writing, pets and music. She has three children: Michael David (deceased), Angela Nicole and Timothy Ryan. Leona has eight grandchildren.

(2015, Paperback, 210 pages)