Leave the Lamp On... - eBook

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Leave the Lamp On... - eBook

Leave the Lamp On…

By: Sue McCullough


About the Book

Starting in East Texas, Leave the Lamp On… is built on hand-me-down family tales and childhood memories. There’s just a smidge of actual history. It tells a story of cowardice grown into courage, which is the same today as it was a hundred years ago. If you’re a true history buff, you’ll notice that author Sue McCullough plays rather fast and loose with some of the World War I battles, dates, and geography. Much like everything in life, some events are real, others are pure fiction. Some characters have a real-life counterpart; Clarence and Emily were McCullough’s grandparents, Little Bill her Father. Vada was a dear aunt. Mostly though, it is a human story, the kind that makes each of us unique yet binds us all together.

It’s up to you to discover what is true, and what is fiction.


About the Author

Sue McCullough is the only daughter of Bill and Maggie Jones. She grew up in DeSoto, Texas, a small community within spittin’ distance of the black land that Emily tried to farm with Slick and June. Sue was a toddler when Emily died, so she holds no memories of her at all. She grew up on stories from her Aunt Vada and from her mother, Maggie. McCullough contributes her love of words to Bill, who was an avid reader regardless of his limited formal education, and to her forceful eighth grade English teacher, Lottie Waterman. Those tales and the not-so-gentle encouragement led McCullough to eventually write Leave the Lamp On…, her first book. Married to Andy McCullough, she has no children of her own. A dyed in the wool Texan, Sue now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with Andy and an old rescue Shih Tzu named Patricia Margaret, “Patty.”


(2021, eBook)