Left Alone by Darla J. Veal

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9228-1
Left Alone by Darla J. Veal
Left Alone grew from the authors personal journal, and it chronicles her honest, raw, and candid feelings and thoughts after her husband of over twenty-two years developed chronic depression and took his own life. She shares her experiences from the time before she discovered his suicide through her eventual realization that she held the power to choose what would happen next in her life. While numerous self-help books describe statistics and medical treatments for depression, Ms. Veal was unable to find a source of information that would guide her through to the other side of being a survivor of suicide. She has decided to share her personal story in an effort to fill this void. Through her struggle to reconcile her inability to change the past and her ability to proactively embrace her own future, Left Alone shows those suffering similar losses that their feelings are normal and understandable