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by K.L. Trigg

An experiment has gone wrong because of a prank and certain irradiated foods have come to life. As the result of an accident, they are shipped to Grannys Grocery Store a few days before the grand opening. They learn that trouble is just around the corner and save the day and the store. They also help a high school graduate realize his hopes for college and success.

About the Author

Ken grew up with stories. His mother would read to him and his brother and sister during lunch when he was a preschool child. It was his mothers wish that all her children be well read and enjoy reading. His dad also enjoyed entertaining with stories, and sometimes he used songs. From the silliness of Yorgi Jorgensen to the eeriness of the tales of the north by Robert Service, from the Bible, or the fables of Aesop, to the Brothers Grimm, or even the story songs, which have always been great chart toppers, stories have had an impact on society.

The story of Leftovers originated when his daughter asked about a news story heard on television. There was a mob scene in front of a business that was irradiating food for retail sale. During the explanation of the events, a story was born. When he included his daughter and son as characters, she couldnt get enough and the story grew. Finally his wife said, Youd better write it down, K. T. And he did.

So much of the written material for our young people is dark and blurs the line between right and wrong; it turns the individual inward. We need to look up and out and not be so self-absorbed. Read to learnand read this to have fun.

(2011, paperback, 88 pages)