Legend of the Aquamarine

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Legend of the Aquamarine

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Legend of the Aquamarine
by Pamela Garner
Illustrated by Anna Guthrie

Just listen to her magical and harmonious voice, and youll know how a young sailor meets a beautiful mermaid. The voice of the entrancing creature and her brilliant eyes leads this sailor on an unforgettable journey into the depths of the mysterious ocean waters.

Have you ever wondered how each of the twelve birthstones got their names? The gemstone myths in this series of books will lead you on a magical journey into limitless possibilities. This delightful series takes each of the gemstones and carries the reader into a creative world where the gemstones got their names. Enhance your imagination with fascinating ideas. Plunge into this adventure and see where it leads!

About the Author

Legend of the Aquamarine is one of twelve books written about how each month got its birthstone and name. As a teacher of many years, Pamela Garner has been looking for ways to make learning more fun. These stories began as part of that goal. Life is full of adventure and challenges. Living a life filled with kindness and love helps all people find true happiness. All books written by Pamela are written with this underlying message. She graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in teaching and a masters degree in counseling. In this exciting career, she has taught math, reading, language, and science to students in elementary and middle school for seventeen years. She continues her career in teaching and has written additional books for two more series.

(2010, saddle-wire, 36 pages)