The Legend of the Doogs

The Legend of the Doogs
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The Legend of the Doogs
by Gene Gray

The Legend of the Doogs tells the story of magical creatures being hunted down by an evil witch and how two children help them defeat their enemy. The Doogs are small but magical creatures in a faraway land that live in fear of an evil witch. The witch resides in an ominous castle in a place called the Dismal Swamp. With the help of her trusted pet vulture, Stench, the witch hunts the Doogs and holds them captive; and this is the reason the Doogs have been in hiding. Humans on that faraway land also suffer from the witch’s evil schemes. Nicholas and Anna discover the hiding place for the Doogs. In order to help their new friends, as well as save themselves and return home, Nicholas and Anna will fight beside Niki and the Doogs to finally bring an end to the witch’s schemes.

About the Author

Gene Gray has a BA from the University of Kentucky in Fine Arts as well as a BA in Illustrations from Ringling School of Arts in Sarasota, Florida. Gene taught Art at the University of Kentucky for three years. Gene is known primarily for being a wildlife artist. Gene raised over 2 million dollars for schools and charities with his wildlife prints. Gene’s limited edition prints were distributed in 33 states and 4 foreign countries. Gene’s hobbies include studying WWII, Indian artifacts, building model ships and writing. Gene lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife of 26 years, Janet.

This book is dedicated to my wife Janet for her love and support throughout the years.

I would like to acknowledge my niece and nephew Kevin and Tonya Reed for all of their love and support in making the publishing of this book possible.

(2014, Hardcover, 94 pages)


The Legend of the Doogs E-Book
The Legend of the Doogs E-Book

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