Lessons of a Young Girl

Lessons of a Young Girl
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9686-9

by Carol Williams

This collection of short stories and memories came together when Carol Williamsís soul was at its darkest and most crippling and writing about these events was, ironically, an escape from them. So you will be struck and intrigued by the clarity and humor in her words. Through Lessons of a Young Girl, we see that Carol Williams is strong, funny, and artistic. Somewhere in her stories is a seed of hope. Like a dried out watermelon seed that is important enough to plant, we can all grow into something special. This is the most valuable of the Lessons of a Young Girl.


A child of World War II, Carol Williams remembers sitting on her fatherís shoulders during a bonfire to celebrate the end of that conflict. Her sense of consciousness grew as early and as fast as her innocence died, and she had profound thoughts for one so young. Because of her appearance, she began to wonder about fitting in anywhere except the sanctuary of her own private "Hundred Acre Wood" near her homeóher place of ultimate safety. She believes that she learned everything she needed to know there.

(2005, paperback, 48 pages)

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Lessons of a Young Girl [E-book edition]
ISBN: 978-0-8059-9686-9 [E-book]

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