Leon L. Pray: Taxidermist And Artist Extraordinaire [Paperback]

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Leon L. Pray: Taxidermist And Artist Extraordinaire [Paperback]
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Leon L. Pray: Taxidermist And Artist Extraordinaire
by Lee & Betty Goewey

This wonderful book looks back at our world from 1882 to 1975 when a person could begin life in a small mid-western town, gain an eighth grade education, and make his mark in his chosen profession. Detailing the life of Leon L. Pray from boyhood through 50 years working for the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and the San Diego Natural History Museum, this interesting story includes original artwork that is both delightful and inspiring.

A true Renaissance man, Leon used the talent he had been given to represent the beauty of the natural world for the education and enjoyment of others. He discovered innovative ways to present his finished projects, leading him to the discovery of a mothproofing method safer than arsenic. Leon was the first inductee into the United States National Taxidermy Hall of Fame.

About the Author

Lee Goewey's grandparents, Leon and Marie Pray, helped his mother raise Lee and his sister, Marie, during WWII. Lee knew the delight of Saturdays spent at "The Field" while his grandfather worked on projects there.

Lee, a Naval Aviator for 28 years, and his wife, Betty, assumed the project of publishing the diaries and notes of his grandfather which his mother, Ellen Pray Goewey, had begun. Lee and Betty have enjoyed carving fish and creating stained glass projects for 30 years in Michigan, and now live in Aurora, IL.

(2013, Paperback, 112 pages)