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by Zoilo Torres

Leoncio: The Healing of a People is about finding ones way through the critical examination of reality, both immediate and beyond. It is about finding redemption in the search to understand the world and the drive to acquire the tools to change it. It is about the light of knowledge overpowering the shadows of ignorance.

About the Author

It is really no wonder this historical novel was written by a life-long community, labor, and political organizer, a man who was never meant to see the day of deliverance. The author was born to a world of omnipresent poverty, life-threatening violence, mind-numbing drugs, and an undisciplined passion for instant self-gratification. He would have been lost like so many before him were it not for his own curiosity, something a badly administrated public education system almost destroyed.

Leoncio and other characters in Zoilos novel are the history of a people striving against seemingly insurmountable odds to find themselves. Leoncio is an example of success housed in the aspiration to comprehend.

(2013, paperback, 362 pages)