Lessons of Enlightenment

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9648-7
Lessons of Enlightenment
by Grace Just as the twentieth century must be considered one of the most barbaric periods in the history of mankind, so the twenty-first century offers the potential of being one of the most promisingproviding we elect to integrate the Lessons of Enlightenment into our destiny. On whatever level you chose to respond, Lessons of Enlightenment will make the trip to a new reality a rewarding experience. Those who envelop them within will come to realize the causes of our less-than-balanced environment and learn the basic guidelines to feeling our way back to a spiritual centering in which we can again take control of our own reality. This book offers that opportunity. ABOUT THE AUTHOR In 1969, Cosmic Awareness Communications began to function as a vehicle to lessen the sorrow and suffering in the world. It was recognized by the State of Washington on February 10, 1972, and is dedicated to helping people remember and/or discover who they are. To this purpose, instructional and inspirational material has been written, and the people involved in the work have chosen to remain in the background. The work should stand on its own, so we consider the author Cosmic Awareness. (2005, paperback, 772 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.