Let's Enjoy Sex with Brain Science

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Let's Enjoy Sex with Brain Science

Let’s Enjoy Sex with Brain Science     

By: Hajime Jozuka, M. D.

About the Book

According to increasing of reduction of young age on the first sexual experience, young people who do not experience the supreme sensation, called orgasm, in a sexual intercourse, have been decreasing and decreasing continuously.

As a result, humans are starting to get bored of one another. Many young people leave sexual behavior and it will be natural that the population will reduce. Of course, decreasing of population is due to un-enjoyable situations in contemporary society. For example, those who enjoy “Smartphones and Games” more than people, friends, co-workers, etc., will always say that the Smartphone gives a deep, interesting feeling compared with sexual behavior with other person, which is felt too troublesome compared to playing with a Smartphone.

The fact is they do not experience how deep a sensation the sexual supreme sensation is, but, once they have experienced the sensation of orgasm, they will have to fall in the sexual behavior.

“Let’s enjoy real human sensation.” Humans have the scientific idea as a result. Humans have supreme sensation!


(2017, Paperback, 60 pages)

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