Letters to Anne

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Letters to Anne

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Letters to Anne
by Sylvia Lynn

Letters to Anne is a collection of letters written to Anne Boomgaarden Lynn by Kenneth, her future husband in 1937, the letters tell a story of two people in their thirties and the world around them. After Kenneth and Anne passed away in 1991 the letters were found in a small box, at the back of a closet, which when opened, revealed a treasure in Dads handwriting. Sharing them is our gift to you.

About the Author

Sylvia K. Lynn grew up in North Dakota and after graduating from North Dakota State University (BS) and Northern Illinois University (MS), she and her husband, Jerry, lived in St. Louis, Chicago, Newport News, and finally settled in Pittsburgh, PA. They have three grown children, who give meaning to their lives.

During her working life, she taught home economics, was a Christian education coordinator, a volunteer coordinator, and a dietary manager, giving her an incredible span of experiences with people.

She is active in her church and Synod, AAUW, the Alliance Against Drugs, Camp Noah, and VOAD.

(2010, paperback, 120 pages)