Letters to Fritz

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Letters to Fritz

Letters to Fritz

By: Judy Constant Tyler

About the Book and Author

In Letters to Fritz, Judy Constant Tyler has given us a story of love, loss, and more love as she shares letters written over a span of 20 years to her beloved cat, Fritz. Devastated by Fritz’s death, Judy sought to heal her grief by telling his story through her letters – and ended up writing a charming, funny, and heartbreaking memoir every cat lover will recognize and anyone who has ever loved a pet will relate to. Along the way we meet Fritz’s successors, Rascal, Tinker, Belle, and Amelia Belle, and meet Carl, Judy’s husband, soul mate, and love of her life.

                Judy has a wonderful way of describing the antics of her much-loved kitties, and the honest and heartfelt stories of her relationship with Carl bring warmth and depth to her story. Loss is a big part of her book, but so is her gratitude for a life filled with love. This is a book written from the heart of a woman known for her acts of kindness and generosity. Who knew she was also a lovely writer? I’m grateful she shared this book with me. Enjoy!

-Meg Smith


(2019, Paperback, 136 pages)

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