Letters to Mildred

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Letters to Mildred
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Letters to Mildred
by Sandra Eason

I wish Mildred could talk. She scares me when she looks at me the way she does sometimes. She has love in her eyes and a calm look on her face some of the time, and at other times, she looks like she gets possessed by the devil. Her eyes just glare! At those times, she actually growls like an animal and then she will laugh like shes crazy; maybe she is.

They told me she would hit, bite, kick, and spit on me. Mildreds rap sheet wasnt very impressive. She has ran off almost every other health care worker from every agency.

About the Author:

Sandra Eason is a devout Christian and has walked with God since she was a little girl. He became her best friend and, at times, her only friend. She learned at an early age that God would be there for her through everything. Therefore, she went through life trusting and depending on her Lord for all her needs.

Eason is married, has three grown children, and has raised three of her grandchildren. She has eight other grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She loves to cook and spend hours in her kitchen. Her dream is to buy a cottage on the beach and live out the rest of her life there in peace.

(2017, Paperback, 120 pages)