Library Blues

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Library Blues

Library Blue s

By: Genevieve Kinslow

About the Book


Genevieve Kinslow was tired of reading stories about white, straight, toxic couples falling in love. So, she wrote what she wanted to read. 

                LGBTQ+ characters, check. Diverse characters, check. Awkward boys just trying to make it work, double check. 

There are countless books and movies about sixteen-year-old white girls falling for dumb guys, but that isn’t what we all want, is it? C’mon, we’re done hiding away the people who have done no wrong but live their lives, and no longer shall there be oppression against other races and sexual orientations. So here, Library Blue: a book written with zero damns but a whole lotta love.


About the Author

If you picked this book up because you liked the cover, know the writer, or were handed the book, Genevieve Kinslow is utterly thrilled that you now have a copy. This book is an extension of her personality, and through meeting the characters in this book, you will meet her.

Our author: Genevieve Kinslow. To define her would leave space for change, of which she embraces like the cycle of day and night. But in saying that, she is also stubborn as a rock and many things about her have surely stayed the same.

                She has always been the weird girl, the dork, the band kid, and the queer. She was also the kid who got picked on but fought back. Her nose crinkles when she laughs; she smiles at herself in the mirror; and she never gives up a chance to dance very badly with her friends.


(2021, paperback, 148 pages)


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