Life, Ain't It an Itch?

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Life, Ain't It an Itch?

by Cindy Whitfield Life, Aint It an Itch? has something for everyone. Excellent for poetry lovers, it is inspirational for those in need of a good word and perfect for dreamers, goal-seekers, and all persons willing to listen to a bit of advice for self-improvement or the improvement of relationships. Actual situations are approached with creativity and faith in this unique work, and the poetry is complimented by the authors selection of appropriate scriptures. Life, Aint It an Itch? is a faith-based guide to improving society in these modern days and times. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cindy Whitfield is a welfare-to-work success story who was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She credits Western New York with supporting her in her time of need, and she now seeks to return the favor by offering inspirational words to youth and adults everywhere who are in need of spiritual uplifting. She encourages those who struggle: I come from a drug-infested neighborhood. On my block there are many dysfunctional families. Through it all I shall rise and shine with the millennium. I am like a fruit that is fully ripened, and there is absolutely no stopping me now! I am going to reach for the stars! (2004, paperback, 160 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.