Life and Times of Gloria Bunker

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Life and Times of Gloria Bunker

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Life and Times of Gloria Bunker
by Michael Pope

Homecoming should be a wonderful event, but not for Gloria Bunker. Her return home is tinged with tremendous grief; her father, Archie, has died. With her twins, Matthew and Zo, Gloria flies from California to New York, unwilling to face the reality of Archies death.

What Gloria never expects are the realizations that materialize after Archies death. Being home again leads her back to people she has known and the first man with whom she fell in love. Old loves, new loves. Sell property? Relocate? What should she do?

About the Author

Michael Pope makes his home in Queens, NY and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he lives with his wife and four young children.

(2010, hardcover, 374 pages)