Life Goes On 1

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Life Goes On 1

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Life Goes On
by Kathleen Kelly

About the Author

Kathleen Kelly was born in south Philadelphia. Her parents moved to Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She married Charles R. Holland, a war hero, when he returned from Iwo Jima after three years occupation. They had and raised five children.

Kathleen graduated from Philadelphia School of Business, and she worked in the computing department at the Pennsylvania Railroad. She also worked at the Concord Library, where she found her passion for writing. She has written several childrens books and poems.

Kathleen attended Atlantic Community College and was proficient in creative writing, English, science, and her R.N. Course. She also attended Delaware County Community College for typing, business, and career success.

She follower her nursing ambition to care for the elderly and sick for ten-plus years until she retired. After that, she was employed at Penn Delco School District as a classroom aid for grades 3-5. She especially loved to work one on one with the children, who affectionately called her Mom-Mom. Kathleen retired from this career after five years.

During her retirement, she continued to pursue her writing and finished her book, Life Goes On.

(2011, hardcover, 86 pages)