Life Interrupted - eBook

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Life Interrupted - eBook

Life Interrupted

By: Lois’e

About the Book

Lois’e Hall is an energetic writer with knowledge about what is written. Things can be learned through study or living through experiences. She has been a writer of many precepts of things around her such as commendation of entertainment events, party planning, business meetings, fashion shows, and other larger gatherings.

Lois’e feels writing is an expression of the mind and, by doing so, the self-interactions not only of one’s expressions but the clarity of their soul.

When Lois’e writes a passage, theory, or book, her writings join with the other outer spaces to connect energetic reactions to the mind and hearts of others.


About the Author

Lois’e Hall is a small-town, country girl with aspirations of becoming a great writer. She is an energetic mother of three generations of children. She loves outdoor living and watching movies, dancing, planting, and a variety of other activities. She would find it a thrill to have her work in the hands of many readers.


(2019, eBook)