Life Is Beautiful: A Collection of Poetry

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Life Is Beautiful: A Collection of Poetry

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Life Is Beautiful: A Collection of Poetry
by Barr. Rosemary Eton

Life Is Beautiful is a collection of poetry covering various aspects of life and living. These include love, friendship, dawn, flood, heartache, unemployment, solitude, death, etc. The author is inspired by the goings-on around her stemming from personal experiences, observations, and interactions with others. There is a common parlance that says, The only permanent thing in life is change. Being mindful of this will enable us see challenges as stepping stones to higher heights. It is not circumstances that make or mar a man, but how he responds to them. Viewed from this perspective, Life Is Beautiful!

About the Author

Barr. Rosemary Eton is a Barrister-at-Law, a chartered arbitrator, a management consultant, a teacher/counselor, a resource person, and a prolific writer. Her love and passion for writing are evinced by her works, published and yet-to-be published. Some of her published works include the Law-Made-Simple Series (essential principles of law), Achievers Secrets (motivational), and Fashion Times (fashion trends and tidbits).

Barr. Rosemary Eton loves reading, writing, traveling, and planning/hosting events. She is married to one male husband, Eddy, and they are blessed with three adorable children: Ani, Koko, and Ud.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)