Life Is Just a Series of Short Stories

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Life Is Just a Series of Short Stories
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Life Is Just a Series of Short Stories
by Lucy Carroll

In this book the author puts aside her academic style and shares her personal life. Life Is Just a Series of Short Stories presents twenty-three vignettes of memorable - and not so memorable - true events from the author's life. From happenings in operas, theatre, rehearsals, concert tours and life in general, she leads us back and forth through time to re-experience moments in her life that left a lasting impression. From the endearing (The Gold Charm, Bluebirds and Blackbirds) to the absurd (The Dog Ate My Homework, Instrument Malfunctions, Dear Sears: I Am Still Alive) to the poignant (Medicine and Miracles, Poland, Chrysalis), readers will find stories that could well be the basis for fiction, but are all too true.

In a chatty, conversational style, Dr. Carroll shares special times with her readers. Enter her world of music and theatre, of joy and sorrow, of life and death, of the unique and the mundane. Enjoy!

About the Author: Lucy E. Carroll has lived a life in the performing arts as organist, singer, director, and researcher. She has directed choirs, operas, plays, and musical comedies, and taught high school, college, and graduate school. A PHMC Scholar-in-Residence and a PHC Commonwealth Speaker, she has made presentations across the U. S. and is published in books, monographs, articles, and cartoons. She holds a doctoral degree in music, and has received awards from local, county, state, and national organizations.

(2015, Paperback, 68 pages)