Life, Love, and Dreams

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Life, Love, and Dreams
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Life, Love, and Dreams
by Kit Nashton

Illustrated by Rafael Quinnonez

The poems that author Kit Nashton writes are about things that happen every day to people. The poems in this book are about life, love, and the dreams that we all have. Kits goal is to write a poem, so that when people read it or hear it, they are in awe. This book has poems for life, love, and death. We all have dreams and wish that theyre there for all of us to feel, and are touched by reading them.

Kit has written several poems that have been sent all over the United States. People have read them and been inspired by them. The poems in this book cover such topics as tornadoes, 9/11, Mothers Day, and babies. People have read his poems and get tingles all over. Author Kit writes about everything, from mythical creatures to sandy beaches.

About the Author

The author loves to write about things that everyone has done or wants to do in their lifetime. Kits words are on paper and all who read them will wish to read more and wish they could see their dreams in life and love come true.

(2014, Paperback, 52 pages)