Life, Love and God Through the Eyes of Lynne Adair

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Life, Love and God Through the Eyes of Lynne Adair

Life, Love and God Through the Eyes of Lynne Adair

By: Lynne Adair

About the Book

Lynne Adair had written poetry through most of his life. While a good life, it was not without its hardships. He learned to laugh at his troubles, because crying never made anything better. He then decided, in 2019, to publish his poetry. Some you will understand, others you may not, some you will like, and others you may dislike, but they are all told through Adair’s eyes.


About the Author

Lynne Adair was born in Sterling, Illinois, and grew up in Sterling, Rock Falls, and out in the country. He, his mother, father, brother, and sister lived in the poorer parts of town. He was tough, having his fair share of fights, but never getting into real trouble. His father worked hard to put a roof over their heads, buying food, and giving his family their basic necessities. His mother did her part by cooking, getting the children to school, and buying clothes.

In his early twenties, Adair met the most beautiful woman. They dated for a little over a year and were then married for 35 years. Together they raised three wonderful children. When she passed, Adair was lost. He moved to Texas and met a wonderful woman. They married and had 18 years together. Her two sons and her grandchildren were like his own.

Throughout his life, Adair has lived by two sayings: “It is mandatory to grow old, optional to grow up” and “I’d rather live my life believing there is a God and die finding out there isn’t than life my life believing there isn’t a God and die finding out there is.”


(2019, Hardcover, 146 pages)

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