Life's Inspirations

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Life's Inspirations

Life’s Inspirations

By: Dorothy Jean Crum

About the Book

Most of the poems in Life’s Inspirations are about the author’s personal feelings, thoughts, friends, family, kids, grandkids, and faith. The thoughts she has at any moment turn into a poem. She writes from her heart and experiences in her life; everything she deals with pours out into her work. The author experienced a lot of heartache and sorrow, but kept her faith and looked up to God for guidance in her life, making the best of it that she could. She believes that God has given her this talent because once she has thought about certain things she can sit down and type or write it down within thirty minutes the way it comes to her.

Crum hopes that her poems in Life’s Inspirations will also inspire readers as well.

About the Author

Dorothy Jean Crum was born and raised in Deming, New Mexico. She graduated from Deming High School in 1962, then attended college at Western New Mexico University. She played cornet for eight years while attending schools. She was considered the top girl cornet player in the state of New Mexico. She has two children, five grandchildren, one great-grandchild, several step-grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Crum worked all her life. She was a waitress, sewed pockets on sailor’s pants, a packing company clerk, a mechanic’s helper in disassembling airplane engines, a clothing store manager, a bus driver, a route coordinator, and drove hot shots. For a few years she worked ninety hours a week to support her children in between marriages. When she retired, she raised three grandchildren for almost nine years, two of whom had ADHD.

Crum started writing more poetry later in life. She enjoys sewing (learning to make quilts), scrap-booking, genealogy, gardening, hunting, and fishing. Crum also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


(2018, Paperback, 84 pages)

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