Like a Cat in the Night

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Like a Cat in the Night

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Like a Cat in the Night
by Russ Simons

Missy Tyler was content but unsatisfied. Her husband, her childhood sweetheart, had turned to a lifestyle that she could neither tolerate nor understand. She tried to help, but he was unable to conquer the demons that had overtaken him. Brought up with strong morals, she never saw her adulterous affair coming, but when it did, she did not have the strength to let go of love, the likes of which she had never experienced. As she fell deeper in love, her will to maintain her marriage began to wane as her desire to be with her newfound lover consumed her.

About the Author

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Russ Simons now lives in the Oklahoma City area where he settled after serving eleven years in the Air Force. He is still employed by the federal government in the technical field, which he pursued while on active duty. He is the father of three wonderful children and has three delightful grandsons. Like a Cat in the Night is his first venture into fiction writing.

(2010, paperback, 258 pages)