Like a Prodigal Returned Home

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Like a Prodigal Returned Home

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Like a Prodigal Returned Home
by Kim Kyu

In our current time, people are greedy for money, fame, and lust, and we often find ourselves at the mercy of other peoples desires and our speed-centered society. At first, like most people, I was tired of my drab life, so I too pursued pleasure, but I felt empty. By accepting the repetitive life, I come to a tranquility of mind. Now I am ready to face my life.

By writing poetry, I have gained the wisdom to overcome difficulties, and I want to describe the process of finding delight in doing so.

About the Author

Kim Kwang Kyu was born in the countryside of South Korea. He grew up to be a reserved boy, inclined to be alone, after losing his father in his early childhood. Feeling the emptiness of the school system, he was reluctant to study hard and instead read novels and wrote poems.

After finishing graduate school in Korea, he began to teach college students and has now been teaching English for many years. He spends his free time weeding his garden, wandering over the fields, and writing poems. He also plays the violin and the guitar and enjoys ping pong and tennis.

He has one daughter, who plays the piano and goes to school in Germany.

(2010, paperback, 94 pages)