Little Broken Butterfly Wings

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Little Broken Butterfly Wings
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Little Broken Butterfly Wings
Written by Andrew J.P. Wisley and Illustrated by Renata Frenzel Otsuka

Little Broken Butterfly Wings is a book that appeals to all ages. It is meant for readers to reflect upon the status of their wings. The author and illustrator hope the uplifting message of Little Broken Butterfly Wings inspires readers to seek out healing and get back to into life.

About the Illustrator

Illustrator Renata Frenzel Otsuka is an artist and art educator at The International school of Curtiba in their Visual Arts program and also works at a local studio. Renatas educational background is as follows: Bachelors degree in artistic Education with a teaching degree in Fine Arts FAP- PR-BR. Specialist in Art as an Educational Principle in Inclusive Education- FAP and Fundao Ecumnica de Proteo ao Excepciona and Masters degree in Education from Framingham State College-MA, USA.

About the Author

Author Andrew J. P. Wisley is a graduate of Frenso Pacific University (BA), ULBRA (BA) and Framingham State College (Med.). He has over fifteen years of experience as an educator and currently works at International School of Curtiba.

Andrew and Renata have seen many broken butterflies heal as educators. In addition to their experience as parents, their own ups and downs in their lives and those of friends, family, and co-workers have shown that we all need, from time to time, to undergo some butterfly wing repair or lift. Who do you know who could benefit from having their wings lifted up and reminded of how to fly again?

(2013, hardback, 30 pages)