Little Lost Deer

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Little Lost Deer

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Little Lost Deer
by Bonnie Larson

Little Lost Deer takes place in the mountains of Tennessee. The story is about a little deer who loves running through the mountains with his mom and dad. One day the deer family is out enjoying their run. Little Deer stops to chase a butterfly but then notices his mom and dad are not there.

Little Deer then becomes frightened when he notices that he is all alone and starts to run all over the mountain, following streams and birds, looking everywhere for his mom and dad. Little Deer becomes too tired to go on. He finds a grassy spot to rest his head but then falls fast asleep.

When Little Deer awakens, he sees it is dark and notices the brightest, most beautiful star in the sky, which appears to be coming closer to him, but he is not frightened at all. The most beautiful vision then appears to him from the light and takes Little Deer to find his mom and dad.

About the Author

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she lived until age five, Bonnie Larson then moved to Miami, Florida, with her mother, sister, and brother. She attended grade school and high school in Miami. After graduation, she went on to finish nursing school. She then married and settled down in Key Biscayne, Florida, where she raised a son and a daughter. While her children were attending Montessori School, she also started working with preschool children, and she grew very fond of childrens books.

Now retired, Bonnie lives in the Tennessee mountains, where she enjoys writing and illustrating childrens books.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)