Live, Heal, and Grow: A Common Sense Guide to Life

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Live, Heal, and Grow: A Common Sense Guide to Life
by Nancy Stoops, MA, MFT I hope these written words will inspire you to never give up and keep growing each and every single day of your life. I wrote this book in hopes to heal my spirit and ignite the spirits of others. It is my honor to share my life lessons. My goals are to help you find the strength and wisdom to fight through the difficult and horrific pieces of your life and become who you are intended to be. As you follow my journey, please feel free to laugh, cry, let go of and celebrate the already very wonderful you. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nancy Stoops, MA, MFT, is a gifted healer who is licensed as a marriage, family, and child therapist. Her traditional and spiritual practices have helped people of all ages heal from trauma and overcome the pain and obstacles that prevent them from becoming who God intends them to be. Nancy has personally walked through healing from significant loss and trauma and embodies the ideal of living each moment of each day to the fullest. This book motivates readers to confront their pain, celebrate life, and live, heal, and grow! (2008, paperback, 132 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.