Live Oaks

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Live Oaks

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Live Oaks
by Pam Humphrey

This story is set in South Georgia in a beautiful area called St. Simons Island. The history that surrounds this island and this family will live on through generations. Set in 1898, our heroines are a close family who handles tragedy after tragedy as they find happiness within their family and friends who surround them.

The McNeer family struggles through a murder, war, and a hurricane. They survive by leaning on each other.

Sandey McNeer is a school teacher who only wants what is best for her family, and she will do anything to see this happen for her mother and father, Jo and DL; her sister, Anne; and her brother, Kent. Her sister, Anne is married to the Chief of Police, and together the sisters make a dynamic duo. They will not be beaten.

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will have all the emotions of a story that embraces you.

About the Author

Pam Humphrey was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but raised in Brunswick, Georgia. This is where the story takes place. Pam has always been in love with the history that surrounds this area. She has had several blows in her life; she lost her only brother when he was in his early twenties, her mother and father both passed away in 1999, and her sister passed away in 2006. Her therapy has been writing this story. Without her wonderful husband, David, and her daughter, Tanya, she would not have been able to complete this.

(2010, paperback, 138 pages)