Living in Destruction - eBook

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Living in Destruction - eBook

Living in Destruction

By: Gloria Wilhite

About the Book

Living in Destruction is the true story of a woman from a small southern town in Florida. A mother bent on killing her, a father who just didn’t know how to take care of a little child; she encountered molestations, neglect, rape, abuse and attempted murder. Yet, she endured and survived. How did she accomplish that? Find out in Living in Destruction.


About the Author

The author is new. Her first book is about her life.

                Gloria Leigh Wilhite was raised in Leesburg, Florida, and Living in Destruction is her first book. It is a true story: Wilhite encountered molestations, neglect, rape, attempted murder as a nightly episode.

                She is now a happily retired R.N., a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Wilhite loves to travel and is currently living in Florida with her two cats.


(2018, eBook)