Living in High Clover

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Living in High Clover

Living in High Clover

By: Ray Kleefisch


About the Book

Living in High Clover tells the story of Ray Kleefisch’s life through the eyes, ears, and paws of his best friends – his dogs. Their observations are true, fair, and unfiltered, and often forces Kleefisch to view himself candidly. Within the pages of this book, you will have the opportunity to live in High Clover with his special canine angels. As he highlights his own overlooked miracles and blessings, Kleefisch hopes that others will become aware of the higher forces at work and learn to detach themselves from the high tech world through their own personal internet of people.


About the Author

Ray Kleefisch grew up in Lowell, Michigan. He attended Western Michigan University and the University of Virginia and went on to serve 28 years in the U.S. Army as active duty and reserves. He currently resides in Rockford, Michigan with his wife, Janice.


(2020, Hardcover w/Dust Jacket, 42 Pages)


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