Lost and Found

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Lost and Found

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Lost and Found
by Dale Oliphant

The decision to go back in time is really a personal decision! It takes a lot of time, patience, and an enormous amount of work. Lost and Found, by Dale Oliphant, is plain, understandable language by a former teacher, educator, and researcher. He prepares you for the demanding and trying aspects that lie ahead with information and advice that will help you relieve your fears and make the best decisions for yourself in your attempt to search for an ancestor in the Civil War.

The author draws on many years of experience searching through attics, museums, and battlefields to give you an advantage in your search for soldiers. Lost and Found unravels and simplifies this complicated method of research with your sanity intact. It is a fantastic motivator of the mind for those who have an appreciation for history and the family.

Expert advice includes:
Finding a name
Selecting primary and secondary sources
Locating institutions of information
Developing a presentation
Interpreting artifacts, non-artifacts, and features
Executing the search

Lost and Found is a great guide for the beginning genealogist, and its easy to understand. It is filled with insightful tips and is a must-read for beginners and a tool for historians.

About the Author

Mr. Oliphant served in the United States Marine Corps, taught history for thirty years, has a masters degree from the University of Minnesota in education, and has an administrative degree. He has lived in Minnesota all his life, and he enjoys tennis, golf, and a good game of chess. He has a daughter named Rochelle Oliphant, and he enjoys traveling and spending his spare time in the South.

A lifelong resident of the United States, Dale Oliphant has been a Civil War buff for years. His interest in family genealogy and the Civil War has taken him across the country to unearth information about his family members who fought in the infamous War Between the States.

After reading his book, one will be able to revel in the amount of information available to them in what one may consider the most debatable and inflammatory war in United States history. The Civil War was an especially painful war, and Oliphant will show you how you can learn about these soldiers, their suffering, wounds, the diseases, and battles that affected them and their families during this period. He will provide extensive information on muster rolls, enlistment records, burial sites, and other documents used to trace your ancestors from the Civil War.

(2009, paperback, 154 pages)