Love Chronicles

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Love Chronicles
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Love Chronicles
by E. L. Dailey

Love Chronicles includes five captivating, steamy tales of romance. Each tale is filled with unforgettable characters all readers can relate to. These characters steal your heart as they find true love by overcoming lifes obstacles of hurt, abuse, loneliness, grief, and pride.

After a rocky marriage and a road trip with Malik, Angela learns how to mend a broken heart. The loss of her best friend brings Felicia home with family and closer to her one-time husband Jason. Is it just a spark or is it a flame rekindled? Natosha uncharacteristically lets herself fall for Frank as they both learn if what happened in the bayou can lead to much more. Injury causes professional baseball player Aaron Henry to sit out for a few games as therapist and ageless wonder Tatiana then becomes the fielders choice. New head coach Eric is reminded of an old crush as he and new assistant principal Lanita play for keeps in the game of xs and os.

Love Chronicles is a funny, sad, heart-wrenching, and touching classic collection of romantic short stories. Youll enjoy reading these timeless stories over and over again.

About the Author:

E. L. Dailey is an up-and-coming author. He became aware of his artistic talents when family, friends, and colleagues began to request to hear more stories in informal settings.

Dailey was born and raised in the small community of Freemanville, which lies on the outer skirts of Atmore, Alabama. He attributes much of his success to his parents, Mr. Jethro Dailey Sr. and the late Mrs. Lizzie Mae Dailey. As the youngest of 11 children, Dailey had firsthand experiences with several personalities from different generations. Being part of this large family with loving parents and siblings helped him to realize the value of human relationships while remaining spiritually grounded.

Daileys passion for writing stemmed from long walks in a rural town, varied life encounters with older siblings, and an imagination that traveled far beyond his actual experiences. He constantly plays movies in his mind and continues to meet characters on a daily basis.

(2016, Paperback, 122 pages)